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Walk the Plank are the people behind Green Space Dark Skies. The team is based in Salford, but is known around the world, and has been making art outdoors for 30 years. They love to bring people together, and are very good at creating amazing events that everyone can enjoy. The aim is always to celebrate places, and why they are important to people, as well as to help more people to discover them. For this project, they worked with engineers, artists, poets, musicians and dancers from across the UK.

The Green Space Dark Skies Team

  • Aga Predka profile image

    Aga Predka

    Finance Manager, Walk the Plank

  • Alastair Barber profile image

    Alastair Barber

    Creative Advisor

  • Alison Fordham profile image

    Alison Fordham

    Projects and Partnerships

  • Andrew Stratford profile image

    Andrew Stratford

    Health and Safety Consultant

  • Annabel Ohene profile image

    Annabel Ohene

    Graduate Engineer, Siemens

  • Catrina Page profile image

    Catrina Page

    University Engagement Liaison Manager, Walk the Plank

  • Charlie Morrison profile image

    Charlie Morrison

    Executive Director, Walk the Plank

  • Chloe Brown profile image

    Chloe Brown

    Production Manager, Walk the Plank

  • Danielle (Lae) Carbon-Wilson profile image

    Danielle (Lae) Carbon-Wilson

    Creative Advisor (Participation)

  • Emma Ley profile image

    Emma Ley

    Production Assistant

  • Gareth Hughes profile image

    Gareth Hughes


  • Helen Gorton profile image

    Helen Gorton

    Operations Manager

  • Helen Palmer profile image

    Helen Palmer

    Press and Communications Lead

  • Jamie Beddard profile image

    Jamie Beddard

    Creative Advisor (Accessibility)

  • Jasmine Bertie profile image

    Jasmine Bertie

    Head of Learning

  • John Wassell profile image

    John Wassell

    Creative Producer, Walk the Plank

  • Kathy Hayes profile image

    Kathy Hayes

    Producer (Northern Ireland)

  • Keren McKean profile image

    Keren McKean

    Producer (Scotland)

  • Kirstie Millar profile image

    Kirstie Millar

    Marketing and Communications Officer, Walk the Plank

  • Liz Pugh profile image

    Liz Pugh

    Producer (Wales), Walk the Plank

  • Madeleine Knight profile image

    Madeleine Knight

    Executive Producer, Finale

  • Mark Higham profile image

    Mark Higham

    Project Manager, Siemens

  • Mark Murphy profile image

    Mark Murphy

    Finale Leadership Team (Director and Writer)

  • Marta Martins Pereira profile image

    Marta Martins Pereira

    Website Project Manager

  • Nathan Jackson profile image

    Nathan Jackson

    Head of Production, Walk the Plank

  • Nathaniel Fernandes profile image

    Nathaniel Fernandes

    Graduate Engineer, Siemens

  • Patricia Murray profile image

    Patricia Murray

    Producer (Northern Ireland)

  • Pete Moser profile image

    Pete Moser

    Creative Advisor (Community/Music)

  • Rebecca Whitman profile image

    Rebecca Whitman

    Sustainability Manager

  • Richard Babington profile image

    Richard Babington

    Finale Leadership Team Member (Special FX and Lighting), Creative Advisor (ILPM)

  • Robin Phillips profile image

    Robin Phillips

    Creative Advisor (Siemens)

  • Ruby Tebbs profile image

    Ruby Tebbs

    Marketing Assistant

  • Ruth Jones profile image

    Ruth Jones

    Creative Advisor (Choreography)

  • Sarah Heard profile image

    Sarah Heard

    General Manager, Walk the Plank

  • Sarah Leech profile image

    Sarah Leech

    Digital Marketing Lead

  • Stephen Page profile image

    Stephen Page

    Creative Advisor (Lighting)

  • Susan Burnell profile image

    Susan Burnell

    Marketing and Communications Manager, Walk the Plank