Ethics, Diversity and Anti-Slavery Statement – Booking



Ethics, Diversity and Anti-Slavery Statement


This ethics, diversity and anti-slavery statement applies to the Green Space Dark Skies Lumenator Registration process, including the online registration form / portal which is a “CRM”, or “Customer Relationship Management” platform, owned and managed by Walk the Plank Ltd. and built by and using Patron Base CRM platform, and referred to as (“the CRM”, “the platform”,  “this platform”, “this website” / “our website” / “the website”)

Green Space Dark Skies is a project delivered by Walk the Plank Ltd.

‘Green Space Dark Skies’ is a registered trademark.

Who we are


Walk the Plank is one of the UK’s leading outdoor arts organisations rooted in the North West of England while making award winning work regionally, nationally and internationally.  We work in collaboration with diverse communities to enrich lives through shared creative experience. We create work that gives people a sense of pride, a sense of identity and a sense of place.


Walk the Plank is a company limited by guarantee in England & Wales, No. 03028447.


Walk the Plank Fireworks is a subsidiary company of Walk the Plank, registered in England & Wales, No. 03664585.


Walk the Plank’s registered office is Cobden Works, 37-41 Cobden Street, Salford M6 6WF.


This ethics, diversity and anti-slavery statement applies to all the above entities.


As a charitable organisation focused on broadening engagement in arts and culture with a wide range of communities and artists, Walk the Plank is naturally aligned to working ethically at all levels of its practice.  We are members of MAST, the Manchester Arts Sustainability Team which is a collective of like-minded arts organisations committed to working in a sustainable way by sharing resources, and eradicating waste.


We are also committed to creating an organisation that is as diverse as the audiences and cultures who experience our work, and actively seek to recruit people from Black and minority ethnic communities to work with us on our shows and in roles advertised in our core team.  Some of our new artistic collaborations, such as that with disabled theatre company Mind the Gap and Manchester PRIDE, help to show that we aim to create a truly diverse and inclusive portfolio of work that engages with as broad a spectrum of under-represented groups as possible.


Walk the Plank opposes modern slavery in all its forms, and we monitor our supply chain to ensure that it plays no part in our business. Should any evidence of modern slavery emerge through any of our assessments of suppliers we will not hesitate to report it to the relevant authorities.  Walk the Plank’s Due Diligence process is extensive and is used by our Production and Core Support teams. The process includes specific questions regarding Modern Slavery awareness and compliance with the Modern Slavery Act alongside other legislative requirements such as Money Laundering, Criminal Finance and the Bribery Act.


January 2022