Event took place in Wales.
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Gower AONB, South Wales

Three Cliffs Bay

Paddleboarders and horse riders, local residents from Gower, and visitors from across South Wales gathered in one of Wales’ most beautiful places.

Three Cliffs Bay in the south of the Gower peninsula has welcomed people for thousands of years.

The pathways of Gower are ancient, and the journeys made by many of our Lumenators take in the four corners of the globe.

The Gower Peninsula is one of the ancient landscapes of Wales, one of the few places where land is still held in common. People flock like sheep to its beautiful beaches.

It was the first place in the UK to be given the special status of Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Event Notebook

The Wales Coast Path crosses from east to west, while the stream flows from north to south.

At times, the prints of horses’ hooves are visible on the sands before the tide comes in.

At times, we need to use the stepping stones while we wait for the tide to ebb once more.

Black and white musicians wearing turquoise sashes play drums as they walk along a grassy pathway on a hill
geolight glow on face of young girl

These Lands Are Our Lands

The music was created by Laura Bradshaw working with the Oasis One World Choir and the poet Eric Ngalle Charles. Many voices and instruments recorded and then mixed and produced by Leroy Lupton.

The score for the folk tune in the centre section can be downloaded here.

A line of paddleboarders make their way down the estuary river

The kites, crafted using both geometry and imagination by children from Pennard primary school, celebrate the winds that blow from the south west…blowing sand in our eyes, and blowing in people from far away.


Attendees form a larger circle around a smaller circle of paddle boards at dusk with a blue shine of geolights

Paddleboarders led by SUP Dude Stu, floated downstream towards the sea. The sand art made by young people from Mixtup Youth Club was inspired by neolithic symbols, from the time of the burial chamber in Parc Le Breos at the head of the estuary.

Wales is the only country in the world to have a coastal path around its entire coastline, we hope that those people who went there for the first time will be tempted to explore more by walking around the Gower, or the nation, in future – send us a postcard if you do, or upload an account of a coastal walk in Wales to Green Space Stories.

Woman sat crossed legged on rock looking out over the Gower landscape

About The Gower AONB

Chosen for its classic coastline and outstanding natural environment, Gower was the first AONB to be designated in the UK. Except for the small, urbanised eastern corner, the entire Gower Peninsula is an AONB.

Complex geology gives a wide variety of scenery in a relatively small area. It ranges from the south coast’s superb carboniferous limestone scenery at Worms Head and Oxwich Bay, to the salt-marshes and dune systems in the north. Inland, the most prominent features are the large areas of common dominated by sandstone heath ridges, including the soaring sweep of Cefn Bryn.

Secluded valleys have rich deciduous woodland and the traditional agricultural landscape is a patchwork of fields characterised by walls, stone-faced banks and hedgerows.

Wedi eu cynnal mewn Lleoedd o Ddiddordeb Hanesyddol neu o Harddwch Naturiol a gofalir amdanynt gan yr Ymddiriedolaeth Genedlaethol. Held at places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty, looked after by National Trust

With thanks to all our Lumenators, to the community groups, and to our partners who made the journey with us:

  • Dryad Bushcraft
  • Gower Ambassadors
  • Gower Heritage Centre
  • Mixtup Swansea
  • Oasis One World Choir
  • Parc Le Breos Horseriders
  • Pennard Golf Club
  • Pennard Primary School
  • SupDudeStu


Thanks to our stakeholders:

  • National Trust
  • National Trust Wales

Photography by: Mohammed Hassan, Grace Springer and Robert Melen.