Event took place in Wales.
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Gwynedd – Trial Event

Dinas Dinlle, Caernarfon

A journey into the landscape with our first Lumenators

On Saturday 19 March we were joined by a brilliant team of approximately 100 Lumenators at Dinas Dinlle, Caernarfon, a stunning backdrop for this special trial event.

Dinas Dinlle, an Iron Age hillfort in a coastal location with views across the Llŷn Peninsula, Snowdonia and Anglesey, is a ‘Site of Special Scientific Interest’ due to its valuable natural habitats. With Iron Age links, this location is also of significant interest to archaeologists and historians and was reputedly home to Lleu Llaw Gyffes, one of the heroes of the Mabinogion, the Welsh legends.

The sun shone all day as Lumenators rehearsed movement sequences in a landscape of blue skies, distant hills and the windswept beaches of the Llŷn, guided by the Green Space Dark Skies choreographers and their performance captains, while musicians played on the promenade.

As dusk fell, our film crew were able to capture test shots and our technical team of engineers and other specialists mapped the performance of our geolights, the first test out in the wild!

During the day we tested our low impact Geolights, which have been designed by technology partners Siemens and Core Lighting to be sensitive to the night-time environment. As dusk fell, Lumenators created patterns in the landscape with their Geolights, including a large boot footprint, giving a flavour of what’s to come. This magical moment of mass participation was captured from above by drone cameras and also photographed on land.

Event Notebook

Each Lumenator wore an In-Ear Monitor and as they moved across the landscape they listened to a stunning musical soundscape, created by Pete Moser, using sounds from the Green Space Dark Skies Collective, in between movement instructions. Guided by Movement Director Ruth Jones and in-ear instructions, Lumenators created patterns of light that ebbed and flowed across Dinas Dinlle’s wild landscape captured on film.

group rehearsal


Ambient track played to Lumenators in their In-Ear Monitors created by Shannon O’Grady and Amelia Shaw from University of Salford.

Lumenators at dusk

As the Lumenators made their way up to the hillfort, they were accompanied by a band of musicians led by Composer Pete Moser, who played music along the beachfront promenade accompanied by flag wavers, battling the high winds. The flags were specially commissioned and designed by Wendy Meadley.

Ruth Jones, Movement Director worked with the Lumenators carrying their geolights to create shapes and patterns in the landscape, including a torch and bootprint.

Held at places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty, looked after by National Trust

Thanks to our stakeholders:

  • National Trust
  • National Trust Wales
  • Gwynedd Council

Special thanks to BRAF café.

Photography by Geraint Thomas, Panorama Photography.