We actively want to play a part in shaping what Britain’s cultural landscape looks like in 2022 and beyond; we want people to participate in an ambitious project that brings
together artists, engineers and environmental scientists; we want to create space for under-represented voices and emerging talent…and we trust the UNBOXED team to ensure that we have the creative freedom to explore the questions our R&D process began to ask. UNBOXED’s stated premise is based around expressions of hope – and we believe that there is value in the idea that hope may combat despair.

UNBOXED is a committed event with ring-fenced funding and a political will to make it happen. We believe that the best use of these funds – our money, as tax payers, not the government’s – is to use them for the purpose outlined on the UNBOXED website.

Not since the Olympics has there been an event of this scale and creative ambition, and the most important thing is that we have this once-in-a-generation opportunity for the sector, and the wealth of talent that exists within it, to do something amazing. The challenges of isolation, lockdown and uncertainty
created by the pandemic surely make this more important than ever.

It’s worth noting that UNBOXED is actively supported by all four UK-nations regardless of the political leadership that exists within each one, and it has cross-party support within Westminster.