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We’ve been collecting stories throughout our Green Space Dark Skies journey. See what people have been saying about their favourite places and memories of being outdoors in the countryside.

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To be out at dusk is an incredibly special time…..there is something significant about seeing the light fade, hearing the birds become quiet, retuning your ears as if turning up the volume a notch or two because less sight means more hearing, right?

A night under canvas might not be the best night’s sleep I’ll ever get but it will be one I will never forget.

My favourite green spaces are woodlands and forests- the ones with winding narrow paths where you can escape from everyone else.

Three of the stories shared so far
Green Space Stories

how the countryside makes you feel

People are sharing how their experience in the countryside makes them feel. What do you think about these results so far?

Group of people wearing outdoor clothing, holding their glowing Geolights above their heads next to a lake with kayakers and a mountain

Gortin Glen Lakes, Sperrin AONB, Photo: Brian Morrison


We are asking people to share their thoughts about the experience they shared. These are some of the most popular words coming through so far. What would you say?

Line of people walking with red Geolights in the countryside at dusk

Maiden Castle, Dorset AONB, Photo: Phil Young

Light circles in orange and green on a grassy field next to a rocky outcrop

Valley of Rocks, Exmoor National Park, Photo: André Pattenden

Reasons for visiting the countryside

We are asking why people visit the countryside and to place a dot in the location that most reflects their reasons. What are your reasons for visiting?

Pink lights along the top of a dam at dusk

Meldon Dam, Dartmoor National Park, Photo: André Pattenden


We are asking people how they connect to the aims of Green Space Dark Skies, if they’ve been a Lumenator or not, by placing a dot in the area relevant to them. Where would you place your dot?

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