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Eid Mubarak from one of our advocates Haleema Ali

One of our official advocates for event at The Chilterns AONB Haleema Ali has created this wonderful video to celebrate the holy festival.

Eid mubarak to everyone who was celebrating the holy festival! I’m personally seeing the Green Space Dark Skies event as a post-Eid celebration as it ties in so nicely with my faith. In Islam there’s a concept of stewardship – Muslims believe they have a responsibility to be caretakers of the earth, so caring for nature is very important. Fighting for climate justice and trying to do things more sustainability can be seen as a religious act, filled with blessings. Also, prophets were known to seek out nature spaces to go to meditate in, reflect and pray. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, received revelation in a cave on a mountain. Exploring the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with other “Lumenators” is something I hope will give me a spiritual connection to God and an avenue to meet members of the community from different faiths and backgrounds, so that we may learn from each other, whilst engaging and immersing ourselves in natural spaces!

Haleema Ali