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Goodbye from our first PR Intern from the University of Salford

After three months working with our Press & Comms Lead Helen Palmer, April Coward reflects on her time as part of the Green Space Dark Skies marketing and communications team.

‘Experience is invaluable’ is something I have been told an endless number of times throughout university. Although I never doubted this, my three months working on Green Space Dark Skies with Walk the Plank has proven this more than ever.

With having a first-class degree in Journalism and currently studying an MA in PR and Digital Communications, I felt like the theoretical side was there, but it was time to actually put my knowledge into practice.

Working on Green Space Dark Skies has allowed me to have a hands-on experience every day I have been working. Right from the first interview I was required to write 200 words of copy for the project, which allowed me to show off the skills I already have, but then also any areas that I could develop whilst on the internship.

Within the interview there was a huge focus on what I wanted to gain from the time I have with the company. This has helped me so much in terms of being able to fill in gaps where I had no experience in certain areas, such as the depths of research that goes into an event like this. Being able to learn from working besides professionals with so much experience has really allowed me to see how the skills I am developing are then put into practice within real life situations. Had I not had the opportunity to work on this project, I feel as though I wouldn’t be as confident as I am now to apply this to future PR jobs.

Overall, being involved in such a large-scale project has been a real insight into all elements of what goes into making a successful event. Every day I get the chance to speak to new people from all across the UK, whether this is other PR teams, creatives that have been scouted for different locations or producers for the various events. Talking to people has always been something I have enjoyed doing, so being able to see how this plays a role in PR has been reassuring for me to know I am making the right career choice.

One of the best things about the internship has been getting the opportunity to see the project grow in real time. I know I now want to go into event PR, because it seems like the most rewarding process to go from an idea, to then seeing it all come together for the final delivery.

Through the three months of this project, I have been guided through what it is that makes successful PR on a project like this, but it is undoubtable that these skills are transferrable to any PR projects I get to work on next. It has been invaluable having such a friendly and understanding team, because it has made it a positive and progressive working environment.

As a student, Walk the Plank understand that you don’t know everything and you are on a placement to learn, and this is exactly what they guide you with to help you prepare for the next avenue you might venture down.