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Goodbye from PR intern Issy Sweet

Issy Sweet, our second PR intern from the University of Salford reflects on her time working with the Marketing & Communications team.

Young woman with long blonde hair smiling wearing a graduation gown and mortar board

After many months of searching for an opportunity of work experience or an internship, I was lucky enough to be given the chance to work as a PR intern at Walk the Plank working on the Green Space Dark Skies project.

With my graduation from my Multimedia Journalism degree at the University of Salford looming, I was aware it was time I gained some industry experience so that all my new journalistic knowledge could be put to the test.

Working on Green Space Dark Skies has allowed me to grow as a person as I was allowed to use my creative touch throughout the work I produced. The first-hand experience has allowed me to get an insight in what it is like to be a part of a fast-paced PR team.

Green Space Dark Skies has been one of the most interesting projects I could have worked on. I have been in communication with the wider team on the project. I have spoken to creatives that make all the events so special and I was able to attend a live event at Ilam Park to witness the magic in action.

The team has made me feel very welcome and has assisted me with any questions or help I needed.

Throughout the three months at Walk the Plank I have gained multiple new skills which will guide me through my career in the future.