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Highlights of Green Space Stories

Have a read through this snapshot of the stories that have been shared with us so far. Have you shared your story yet or do you want to share another? You can do that here.

Anniversary weekend

My wife and I had an anniversary weekend in the Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales… we walked from our cottage up nearly to Pen y Fan. Climbing mountains is so good for the spirit. Being married is not always easy. You face tough times. But having memories of walking in beautiful culture and getting dog-tired is a powerful memory that binds us together.

Bleak mountain landscape with two peaks against a sunset

Brecon Beacons National Park, Photo: Andy Johnston

Beside the Sea

Beside the sea in full force – wind howling, waves crashing, spume spitting – makes me feel at my most alive. The a-rhythmic pulse, the anticipation as the waves peak and fall, the sense of being submerged in the elements while safe on the shore. The longer I’m away from that land/seascape, the more I feel its lack.

We belong to the land

As people we belong to the land, not the reverse. People and communities have stood in awe of the aged of sun sets as it sets over the Celtic sea and experienced the wild winds in the Valley of the Rocks. May we continue to have the freedom to roam and respect the environment.

Silhouette of people holding Geolights against a sunset over the sea

Green Space Dark Skies, Valley of the Rocks, Exmoor National Park

Cathedral of Trees

A short walk along a winding brook leads into a “cathedral” of trees where I can do nothing but just stop for a while, take in the atmosphere through all of the senses, listen to the birdsong, feel the leaf litter beneath my feet and gaze in awe at the trees around me. Walking along paths through the woodland you can almost feel the life and energy from the trees and imagine them embracing you.

The light really came on for me!

A one-off experience as a Lumenator showed how each person makes their little contribution to something much bigger. The light really came on for me!   Being on one side of the giant concrete dam and looking across to the light array on the other side was something that made me think how we were providing the same joyful moments for the people on the other side of the valley – and then they returned the favour to us.

People standing in a line going down alongside a concrete dam opposite a parallel line of lights

Green Space Dark Skies, Meldon Dam, Dartmoor National Park

Sailing on Barton Broad

Sailing in a small boat on Barton Broad, with my 85 year old dad, fifty years after he first taught me to sail on the Norfolk Broads. The boat is wooden and older than Dad. It’s getting dark and the moon is rising over the reeds, older than us all. It’s a huge orange disc and the sound of water ripples is broken by an owl.

Mixture of heritage boats, some with sails sailing on the water at dusk lit up by coloured lights

Green Space Dark Skies, Barton Broad, The Broads Authority, Photo: Malachy Luckie

Walking with mum

I was on a walk with my mum and we were following an easy walk. It was based in the moors and was super fun until the end.

Drawing of girl with a woman amongst trees
Man and child walking in the woods with backs to the camera

Daily walk

During lockdown our access to the natural space around us was our lifeline. Living in a flat with no garden, our daily walk was everything. Being out in nature, the stillness and sense of peace. It felt like the world was taking a breath and that we all needed to stop. I will treasure the time we had together through those months.

Chitter chatter

I am chitter chatter, screams and laughter.

I am two eyes staring from the branch.

I am the straw that’s prickly by us.

I am fluffy, soft, freshly mown grass.

I am birds faintly twittering in the distance.

I am the misty grey clouds gently floating in the sky.

Magical wee waterfall

I recently stumbled upon this magical wee waterfall just before dusk, nestled deep in the heart of the Trossachs. There are few places left that remain untouched by modern humans where you can feel the presence of the Fae[ries]….where they are watching you inquisitively and wondering whether to capture you into their realm or play a wee prank….just to remind you they are still there.

Waterfall in a rocky river in a woodland

Photo: Lisa Samson

Lake covered in plants, surrounded by trees below a mountain

Green Space Dark Skies, Craig-y-Nos, Brecon Beacons National Park, Photo: Mohamed Hassan

Cycle of life

I regularly walk our dog in our local woods. I walk alone, with family, and meet friends there, we used to take our children. Seeing the changes from season to season, the rhythm of nature feels comforting, seeing the slow decline of trees falling that we once climbed, our children climbed and then sat on as they fell shows the ever-changing cycle of life.