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I am but a stranger, travelling strange lands by Haleema Ali

One of our official advocates for the event at The Chilterns AONB Haleema Ali wrote this beautiful poem about the concept of “Ghuraba”, the idea that Muslims are perceived as strangers. But being strange or weird doesn’t have to be a bad thing – in fact, she thinks that’s what makes life interesting! We should embrace our strangeness and what better way to do that than to explore beautiful lands together?

I am but a stranger, travelling strange lands

We travel these lands as The “Ghuraba” – The Strangers.

Strange, foreign, alien.

Yet through our strangeness,

We often find connections

Seeking togetherness

The strange uniting

To trek strange lands

Embarking on strange adventures

When strangers

Become the new norm

The touch of strange grass

Running through strange fingers

The strange silence

Broken by strange birdsongs,

Beckoning us to come forth

Forging friendships

Strangers finding a sense of familiarity

When the strange hush of darkness falls

Under a familiar sky


Walking strange paths

In the footsteps of our ancestors


Finding tranquility

Sharing ancient tales

Of strangers who once walked these strange lands

Haleema Ali