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Listen to this new podcast tracking our right to roam in 2022

Danielle Porter and Hilary Friend have teamed up once again to create a new podcast episode about the anniversary of the Kinder Scout Mass Trespass and out first event in the Peak District National Park

April 24th 2022 was the 90th anniversary of the Kinder Trespass.  Danielle and Hilary set out to track how this was being celebrated and tested  and how far our rights are secure.  Tracking suggests our earth paths, the steps taken by the trespassers onto the moors  and the sounds and voices we aimed to capture.   Would they find that changes to access were going in the right direction? What are the steps we ourselves need to take for the next decade?

This episode features live recordings from the rally in Hayfield Village, the Peak District and from the first Green Space Dark Skies event in Illam Park.