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Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

The UK’s Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) are some of the most iconic and beloved landscapes in the nation. Two thirds of the population are within half an hour’s journey from their nearest AONB. AONBs were set up back in 1949 as sisters to the NHS – one to maintain people’s physical health, the other to look after the nation’s wellbeing.

The team behind the UK’s AONBs are here for your inspiration, recreation and spiritual refreshment.

Green Space Dark Skies is a new way for us to welcome more of the people for whom an AONB is the breathtaking countryside on their doorstep – everyone.

The Gower - AONB overlooking the bay and headland beyond
Forest of Bowland AONB - Bowland Fells

Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty Partnerships are proud partners in the Green Space Dark Skies project. The AONB teams care for many of the event sites that are closest to centres of population. The AONB teams support the liaison with landowners, local residents and land users about the project’s installations and events and ensure that they are safe not just for participants but also for habitats, ecosystems and wildlife.

The UK’s Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty are home to some of the nation’s finest dark sky sites – and for one night only we are proud to  welcome audiences old and new, to create awesome experiences and help to build communities.

There are 46 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the UK. An AONB is a landscape whose distinctive character and natural beauty are so precious that it is safeguarded in the national interest. Location, geology and landscape type create more than just a view – they influence the weather, the plant and animal species that thrive, the industries that grow, and the local heritage, architecture, traditions and dialect. AONBs are places where culture and natural beauty combine, welcoming people from across their regions and beyond. AONBs are living, breathing, working spaces; places of innovation that are rooted in history.

Autumn on the lower Wye

The Green Space Dark Skies Team

Meet the people bringing Green Space Dark Skies to life. They are known around the world, and have been making work in outdoor spaces for 30 years.