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Creative Partners

The Green Space Dark Skies team worked with creative partners in each of the event locations in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to make connections with local community groups to uncover their experiences of nature through creativity and become Lumenators.

Extraordinary Bodies

Founded ten years ago, Extraordinary Bodies is a boundary-breaking partnership between leading arts inclusion and diversity practitioners Diverse City and sensational show-makers Cirque Bijou. It was created to show how the world would be if everyone was equally valued, if difference was celebrated, and to inspire people to reconsider their own potential and that of others, because ‘if you can see it, you can be it’.

An Extraordinary Bodies performance - man floating on a wire
Extraordinary Bodies logo

Extraordinary Bodies were invited by Walk the Plank to co-direct some of the South West elements of Green Space Dark Skies. Working closely with communities and with artists from our company, we consider fundamental access and particularly the theme of water scarcity in this extraordinary primeval landscape.

We are so excited to be part of the Green Spaces Dark Skies project.  Opening-up and animating these beautiful landscapes is an artistic dream, and working in places and with communities that are new to us is incredibly exciting.  Very much looking forward to the journey.

Jamie Beddard
Lead Artist, Extraordinary Bodies


CC-Lab are award winning creators of exciting, innovative and engaging TV, digital content and live experiences. The company is based in London and our work has taken us to every corner of the globe.

We have a genuine passion for Music and the Arts. We are specialists in producing Live events. We collaborate with award-winning directors, producers and creatives. We have a passion for storytelling.

CC-Lab Image
CC-Lab Image and Logo

CC-Lab are proud to be the content and broadcast production partner for the Green Space Dark Skies project.

Walk The Plank always deliver an incredible celebration of arts and culture. We look forward to working closely with them to produce meaningful content that focuses on diversity and inclusivity, while celebrating world-class talent and bringing Green Space Dark Skies inspirational stories to a mass audience.



Activate creates opportunities for everyone through the performing arts. For over 30 years, we’ve been promoting, supporting and producing some of the most exciting events in the UK. We’re here to bring performing arts to as many people as possible. And give creatives the support they need to make outstanding work.

Activate Image
Activate Image and Logo

We bring world-class events to unexpected places, like town centres, village squares, beaches and hilltops. Our aim is to break down barriers and reach the widest possible audiences, while celebrating our natural landscape and sense of place. Supporting our performing arts community is at the heart of everything we do.

Activate will be acting as producer for the Green Space Dark Skies Dorset project.  We will help recruit the Lumenators from across the county and work with the artists to create a site-specific performance that will captivate the nation.

We will be drawing on our many years of experience producing large-scale artistic work within our Inside Out Dorset festival and associated events.

Dorset’s Inside Out festival brought audiences closer to nature with rock star-guided rambles, dirt-digging dances and a globe suspended in woodland

The Guardian

Red Herring Productions

Red Herring is a theatre company based in Bideford, North Devon. We specialise in outdoor, interactive performance that blurs the edges between the performance and the audience.

The performances that we make are fun, comic, curious and considered. We take a sideways look at the world we live in and encourage people to experience familiar places and familiar stories in unfamiliar ways.

We make performance on street corners, urban parks, and more remote, rural locations. Our projects involve a period of research where we find out as much as we can about the place, the people who live there and where possible we offer workshops and other opportunities to take part.

Families in the woods taking part in an outdoor interactive performance
Red Herring Productions Logo

Red Herring creates events where people experience familiar places in unfamiliar ways. We’ve been invited by Walk the Plank to co-produce an element of Green Space Dark Skies on Exmoor taking place on May 28th.  We’re excited to bring local people together, to share and express a sense of wonder at this extraordinary and mysterious place and the culture that is entwined with it.

Red Herring is delighted to be part of this inspiring national programme. We’re excited to invite people who live and work on Exmoor, and across the wider area of North Devon and West Somerset, to take part in this unique event.  An event which will demonstrate their pride and connection to Exmoor’s amazing local landscapes, the land beneath their feet.  Many will not have experienced anything like this before – it’s going to be a blast!

Red Herring Productions

The Green Space Dark Skies Team

Meet the people bringing Green Space Dark Skies to life. They are known around the world, and have been making work in outdoor spaces for 30 years.