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Through our technology, Siemens aims to transform the everyday for a better tomorrow: “Technology with Purpose”.  Often what we do is behind the scenes – the hidden software that makes great technology work, but with this wonderful Green Space Dark Skies project we are delighted to bring cutting-edge technology to the fore and together with fellow consortium members inspire a new generation to follow careers in technology and help all of us to fall in love again with our natural spaces and work hard to preserve them.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Since 2014 Siemens has already cut our CO2 emissions by 54%, with our goal to become carbon neutral by 2030. The Green Space Dark Skies project is a great example of bringing the power of technology to life to engage local communities, celebrate innovation and all the aspects of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics (STEAM).

Young students experimenting
Students in lab coats assembling prototype components

Siemens is technology partner to Green Space Dark Skies.

The challenge was to design and manufacture the devices that thousands of volunteer ‘Lumenators’ will hold in the chosen wild spaces around the UK as part of the festival.

The devices therefore needed to be rugged, easy to use and reliable. They also needed to enable the choreographers at Walk the Plank the ability to configure them for a variety of special effects to create the amazing, visual spectacles that are planned.

Our engineers including graduates combined the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) and proven wireless technology already in use by the events, media and arts industries to design a system architecture and new devices suitable for mobile use in large scale, outdoor environments. Technologies used include real time location tracking, batteries and their energy storage and wireless connectivity.

We have successfully tested early prototypes outside the Siemens HQ in Manchester and the technology will be embedded within adapted hand-held lamps, manufactured by the Gloucester-based events lighting specialists, Core Lighting.

Siemens is a digital pioneer focusing on the areas of electrification and automation. We partner with our customers to unleash their business potential using our energy-efficient, resource-saving technology and digital know how.

As a global technology company with more than 40,000 people employed in research and development worldwide, Siemens creates 23 inventions each working day and has around 43,000 registered patents. Siemens has been inventing and innovating for 170 years, with activities in the UK since 1843.

UNBOXED 2022 is just the tonic we all need. It will be a massive boost to our collective wellbeing and I am bursting with pride that our young Siemens engineers have played a significant role in innovating and inventing the technology needed to create the visual treats we will all share and enjoy as part of Green Space Dark Skies.

Robin Phillips
Head of Siemens Advanta Consulting UK

Siemens Team

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    Robin Phillips

    Head of Siemens Advanta Consulting UK

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    Mark Higham

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