For us. For you. For all.

A looping pan of a graphical and photographic mixed montage used as a background graphic which contains no audio. The looping graphic shows various green UK landscapes with lines of illuminated paths under dark skies..


Green Space Dark Skies invited thousands of people, from all paths in life, to experience beautiful landscapes across the UK at dusk, between April and September 2022. This series of mass gatherings celebrated nature, our responsibility to protect it and everyone’s right to explore the countryside. Using low impact lights, we created magical, memorable moments outdoors.

Commissioned by UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK, the ground breaking UK-wide celebration of creativity in 2022, this project is led by outdoor arts experts Walk the Plank.

You can watch all of our films here and our four peaks finale was featured in a special BBC Countryfile episode on BBC One at 5:20pm on Sunday 30 October, which you can watch here.

And tell us what you think about the countryside in our citizen science project Green Space Stories. Join hundreds of others in sharing their story to build a major online archive anyone can browse.



Green Space Dark Skies will be carbon positive, ultimately removing more carbon from the atmosphere than it produces. The aim is to leave no trace, and to empower everyone involved to make a difference locally. In the face of the climate emergency, thousands of Lumenators will become caretakers of nature for the future.

The project is rooted in the countryside, and in celebrating our landscapes. It considers them as places worth protecting, for everyone, forever.

I could write a book on all the amazing moments I had, but I think that a key to success in any such event is to ensure that you pick passionate participants.

Gina Watson
Games Maker, London 2012 Olympics